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Malakai has worked as a professional photographer for 15 years offering various services: product photography, portraits, real estate, head shots, model, street, and lifestyle.

Portraits and Lifestyle

    Portraiture and Lifestyle Images are integral parts of story telling and capturing a moment.  Malakai has photographed people of all ages; from infants to the elderly, professionals to amateurs, and studio to in the street.

    Malakai has the ability to connect with the subject and aid them in collaborating with him in a way that breaths life into the stills. The story is freed to move through the images.

Products and Practicals

    High quality product photos can often be the difference between closing a sale or not. Malakai has worked for bands, comedians, artists, music labels, bicycle companies, offload equipment businesses, and local boutiques. Malakai offers varying types of product photography including white background, transparent background, detail shots, bundles, lifestyle shots, and practical shots.   

Spaces, Places, and Things

    Photographing locations, processes, homes, businesses, architecture, landscapes, real estate, property, and vehicles. Malakai can offer creative ways to document spaces, places, and things in ways that tell vivid stories.  

    Spaces, Places, and Things don't have to be lifeless or awkward.  Malakai will help you breath life into your property. 

Real Estate Photography

Art and Design

Malakai Edison is a natural born artist, ceaselessly creating all of his life.  He is meticulous and has the required skills to bring ideas from conception to fruition. 

Logo Design and Branding

    Logos are center to a brand and how the public think of, remembers, and chooses that company, organization, business, or product. A consistent and intentional brand is vital to perception of an entity. 

Product and Merch Design

   Malakai has 20 years of experience designing products for various industries.  Merchandise design, became a specific focus in Malakai work running his own lifestyle brand and working for other creatives and businesses. 

Illustration and Artwork

        Illustration and Art is an integral building block for branding and design. Malakai has been drawing and painting his entire life and continues to use his skills to aid in projects varying in size and type. 


Website Design

Having a modern website is a necessity and MEdison Man Made can get you up to date.  Malakai has a great ability to bring all of your ideas together.  He will help you with creating a brand new website/webstore or update your current web presence.  Most importantly, Malakai enjoys helping set brand standards and a strong framework for you to continue to expand and add to your website on your own in the future.


This site just needed a clean updated and responsive look.

Websites for Organizations

Trinity In-Home Care

Malakai updated this website and helped them with their dated look.  Often organizations need to show the story of their services and illustrate their mission to the community that they are serving.  MMM has a lot to offer for your web design as far as making sure all of your branding and images are there best.  Malakai can also offer his services for photography, illustration, and graphic design for your site.

Malakai has over a decade of experience with online stores.

Webstores for Businesses

Custom Splice

This website is an ongoing project.  Custom Splice was a well established brand and ecommerce store and Malakai was brought on in 2016 to update the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and ecommerce consultation.  It became clear that CS needed a fresh start. Malakai developed the branding of products and redid all of product photography. MMM helped bring the sales on the Custom Splice site 10 fold.

Capturing the vibe of the boutique itself!

Boutique and Ecommerce

Sweet Tea & Caviar - a baby boutique

This boutique needed a more versatile website and a reliable integrated Point Of Sale system.  There are plenty of options for solutions, but Malakai brought his background knowledge and tricks to bring it all together.  He captured the feel of the physical location, while also creating meaningful navigation for the store and the many categories and varying brands.

Everybody needs a website.

Individual Spotlight

Coming soon...

This is in the works.

A vivid website to match it's vivid branding.

Brand Headquarters 


This is a very unique website and matches the aesthetics and overall look of the brand.  VANDALrgz is a Bike Polo lifestyle brand that Malakai founded and designed.  This site and webstore match the vibrance and loud style of the clothing and products that Malakai designs for this brand. This brand needed a simple home that connected all of it's different web presences.


Malakai Edison -2017-001

MEdison Man Made


Creative Solutions by Malakai Edison

I have been an artist my entire life.  I come from a family of story tellers and I use this tradition in my work.  Art, design, and photography are a language that I have continued to learn about and practice throughout my life.  

I have worked with bands, comedians, parents, first time entrepreneurs, designers, restaurants, non-profits, boutiques, clothing brands, breweries, sports equipment companies, artists, record labels, and online stores of all kinds.

I studied at The University of Kansas from 2001 to 2008, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Film with honors and extended studies in Video Production and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Expanded Media Arts with an Art History Minor and added emphasis of study in Spanish and Kiswahili.



 Art • Photography • Design • Illustration •Branding • Merchandise • Video • Story Telling • E-Commerce • Web Design 


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